Our professional law firm represents homeowners whose claims have been denied, delayed, or underpaid by their insurance company. Long after the ferocious flames have been extinguished or the extensive water dried out, many homeowners encounter yet another calamity - dealing with their insurance company. Although many insurance companies have good intentions, the reality is claims are oftentimes improperly resolved. For example, damages are overlooked, disputes arise as to the extent of coverage, or repair estimates do not reflect the actual cost of repair. As a result, tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars are left on the table.
If you are experiencing difficulty, frustration, or disagreement with your insurance company, you are not alone. We are ready to take the reigns of your claim, file a lawsuit, and obtain the full benefits owed under your policy.
As a former insurance public adjuster, my knowledge, skill, and passion are powerful assets on your side. We have experience in losses arising from fire, wind, water, burglary, vandalism, soil subsidence, and other covered events. To determine whether our law firm can help you, contact our office for a free consultation at 818.392.8222.